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Iceland Longboard

Iceland sits way north of Scotland, a 2.5 hour flight from London and a 40 minute bus journey from the airport sticks you in the heart of Reykjavik the country’s capital, home to nearly half of the county’s population.

In terms of skating, Iceland is quite different to anywhere else we have been. With half of the country living in Reykjavik you don’t have to travel for very long to get to deserted ribbons of pristine tarmac. We packed a board, hired a little camper van and set out to explore.

We stayed mostly around the south of the Island, winter hadn’t yet lifted in the north and the chance of getting clear, snow free roads was pretty slim. The peaks were still snow covered and the snow line sat at around 200m above sea level even in the south. Our little camper van supplied by Kooku Campers sorted out the accommodation and transport; campers are a great way of seeing Iceland and Kooku were very helpful, we can certainly recommend them.

If you are planning a trip there’s loads of info out there just don’t forget your longboard. Finding the skate spots is an activity in itself but if you are struggling for a place to start, head out of Reykjavik towards the south east coast and you will stumble upon some genuinely amazing car free decents, there are a fair few surf spots down that way too.