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Llyn Peninsula

Bower boards developed out of a land locked lust for surf. We found we got a similar kick out of cruising on a skateboard as surfing. Skating grew beyond something we used to scratch the itch of surfing to become our main focus.

We recently took a trip to The Llyn Peninsula in North Wales, UK. The Peninsula pokes out into the boundary where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Irish Channel, it sucks the last remnants of Atlantic swell travelling up from South of Ireland onto it’s shores

The South facing Hell’s Mouth is the area’s most popular surf beach but the Peninsula is littered with a choice of breaks, you just have to look. Surfing set to a back drop of sandunes, volcanic mountains and a patchwork of fields is an experience not to be missed.

The mountains and hills of the Peninsula are a more gentle version of their Snowdonian big brothers, bringing with them long, winding, traffic free descents perfect for long boarding. This is why we were here. There aren’t many places in the U.K where the mountains reach down into the sea especially with roads as good as these.
We always knew it was going to be a good trip and it was!