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Locally Sourced Timber

Bower Boards only use sustainable timber from Sheffield and the Peak District. Using trees from in and around Sheffield means we are in control of how sustainable the timber is.

Sustainable timber is difficult to find. In order to make planks of wood profitable for large companies they significantly reduce the size of wood available. Cutting your own gives the option to cut a tree into the correct size size you need for a project rather than what is prescribed by the large timber companies. As a relatively small operation this is easy enough to achieve. We know when we get the wood cut what size of boards we are going to need to make the longboards. We then work back from here, dividing the tree in to the most efficient sections that will allow us to use as much of the felled tree as possible.

Big companies don’t have that luxury. It’s common knowledge amongst people who work with wood that as soon as you stray away from standard sized cuts of wood life gets difficult. Sourcing long, thin and wide pieces of hardwood from a DIY shop isn’t going to be easy or cheap. Mass produced timber is generally cut into the most versatile planks as its quicker to dry and easier to sell. If you want to shape a longboard out of these planks you will need to bond them together to create a blank wide enough to work with. There are lots of boards out there made in this way but in trying to make our boards as sustainable as possible we have steered away from this method.

A lot of what we do at Bower is tying together local experts to produce a product that is 100% sustainable. We work closely with a number of tree Surgeons who fell trees in and around the city. Rather than letting the timber go to waste or get burned on a log burner. These Tree Surgeons let us know where the tree is and in return they don’t have to spend the time chopping it into firewood and transporting it away from the site. We get our portable sawmill expert to go to the site of the felled tree and slice it into the size of plank that we need to make boards out of. We then leave the timber to air dry for several months and, once ready shape the boards ready for sale.

This process allows us complete control over the supply of the timber and ensures that it is 100% sustainable, it cuts waste down to an absolute minimum and it is what sets Bower Boards apart from the rest.