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Sustainable Board Wax

The relationship between humans and bees dates back thousands of years and for good reason, these little creatures are a vital part of the environment we live in and the food chain we depend on.

Today one third of the food we eat would not be available if it were not for bees. But the relationship between humans and bees does not stop with food.

Bees have provided the basis for many ancient medicines and now play a hug role in the production of beauty products. Beeswax is still widely used in everyday products such as shoe polish, candles, furniture polish and so on. Good quality surf wax still uses beeswax as the primary, base ingredient and it is from here our experimentation with beeswax as a way of providing grip on our longboards began.

Waxing your board before paddling out is something of a ritual for surfers across the world. It is synonymous with surfing, the wax provides the bond between you and your board which is so vital to every action you perform. We wanted create that same connection with our longboards making it less of a consumer product and more of an extension of self that can be passed down. It seemed illogical to spend hours of time orchestrating such a sustainably sourced longboard to then go and coat it in the synthetic black vinyl that is griptape.

The problem with this idea is that surfwax is super sticky, so sticky that its not just your feet that stick to it. Our early samples held onto way too much dirt to ever be practical so we worked backwards, eliminating the necessary ingredients until we reached a simple, 3 ingredient product that works perfectly.

The wax is designed to provide the grip that keeps your feet lock into your board when you need it, the more pressure you put through the board the more grip it provides. The wax feeds and protects the wood in a way that no artificial product can keeping it flexible and resistant to cracking.

The boardwax is 100% sustainable. Nothing that we use in producing the wax harms the planet and each ingredient is genuinely renewable. It’s softer than surf wax and is applied with a cloth. The consistency in the pot is more akin to a paste than a block of wax. This allows for a more even application across the board. As you apply the wax the orange oil begins to evaporate, leaving the beeswax behind to do its job. The level of grip wouldn’t be suitable for ollies, kick flips varials etc so don’t rush off, strip your deck of grip tape and put the wax on as you will be disappointed.

All of our beeswax is provided by Sheffield Honey Co. The hives are located on the outskirts of Sheffield and the bees spend their time pollinating the city and surrounding landscape whilst providing us with very sustainable, locally sourced beeswax. Cheers Bees!