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Our Story

Bower boards focus on the synergy of Sustainability, Design and the Beauty of British Wood. Our cruiser skateboards are made entirely out of mature British Sycamore. It takes time for these trees to grow which is why we ensure all our timber comes from very carefully managed sources. All of our current lines are grown and felled in the Sheffield and Derbyshire area.

We work directly with Henk Littlewood, a local artisan wood worker, to produce boards that are strong, sustainable and beautifully crafted. Every single board we make is unique. We celebrate the character of the wood in every skateboard we send out.

Our boards are solid wood. Each board is hand shaped, it is then sealed with locally sourced beeswax. Finishing the boards in this way means that the full beauty of the wood can show through without the involvement of chemicals. The beeswax serves two purposes, firstly it seals the wood from moisture and stops it from drying out and secondly it provides grip.